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Bird Perches, Play Gyms, Pre Cut Perches, Custom Cut Perches, Wholesale Perches, Multi Branch Trees, Add On Side Mounted Perches - Available in Natural Red or Sandblasted
Jewelry & Display Trees, Decorative Trees, Fresh Cut Trees - Available in Natural Red or Sandblasted - Add a Manzanita Burl or Alabaster Stone Base
Manzanita Bases - Choose from Burls, Flats, Flattops or a Sample Order
Alabaster Bases - Choose from Burls, Flats, Flattops, Sculpture Blocks or a Sample Order
Sticks & Staffs, Manzanita Branches, Manzanita Canes & Walking Staffs - Available in Natural Red or Sandblasted
Reptile Perches, Pre Cut Perches, Custom Cut Perches, Wholesale Perches, Multi Branch Trees, Add On Side Mounted Perches - Available in Natural Red or Sandblasted
Do It Yourself - Our Woodshop is your Playground
Aquarium Wood - Choose from a variety of products for your tank
Custom Tables - We will build a table to fit your needs
Sample Orders - Choose from Manzanita Bases, Alabaster Bases or Sticks & Staffs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions

Manzanita Branches

Display Trees

Bird Perches

Aquarium Wood

Manzanita Bases

Alabaster Bases

Custom Tables


General Questions:


Q. Where do you get your products, I thought Manzanita was protected or endandgered? 

There are many varieties of Manzanita wood.  Manzanita Burlworks does NOT sell any protected varieties of Manzanita and only obtains our supply from private lands.  We harvest, cut and ship Manzanita directly to the public, there is no middle-man or third-party.  To read more about where we obtain our products, please click here.  To read or download our statement of compliance, click here


Q. Why can't I order online?

Since our products can be used for a variety of different purposes we prefer to have you call, email or fax us with your order and questions. We feel that personal service from a live person is the best way to service our customers.  We feel this affords us the opportunity to make sure that you get exactly what you want and provide the highest possible customer service available.  We accept credit card orders over the phone, email and fax. 


Q. Do you keep credit card information on file?

No.  We do not keep credit card information on file.  Once your order is shipped, the credit card information is discarded.


Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A.  Yes.  Please see our privacy policy here. or directly at www.manzanita.com/privacy.htm


Q. Do you have standard shipping rates or free shipping? 

No.  We quote actual shipping charges from UPS.  We always need a zip code to quote, so please send us a zip code if you are emailing or calling for shipping costs.


Q. Do you ship to Canada?

Yes.  For all product inquiries for Canadian customers, please Contact Us.


Q. Do you ship Internationally, to countries other than Canada? 

Yes.  We ship anywhere in the world with only few exceptions.  If you live outside the US and Canada, please Contact Us.


Q. Is your wood safe for all animals?

A.  Manzanita wood is pet-friendly for most all birds, aquatic freshwater fish (in sandlbasted form for aquarium use), reptiles and amphibians.  We suggest you Contact Us if you have questions if Manzanita will be safe for your pet.


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Manzanita Branches and Display Trees


Q. I want to order one of your Manzanita Centerpiece Displays, do I get one manzanita branch or a full arrangement? 

A. The price on our site is for one full arrangement of three manzanita branches, NOT an individual branch.


Q. What is the difference between your Manzanita Centerpiece Displays and your Display & Decor Trees? 

A. Our Display & Decor trees consist of a single tree or manzanita branch that has some degree of fullness in itself.  Our Manzanita Centerpiece Displays consist of more than one piece, usually 3, that when arranged together in a vase or other container will give a very full appearance. 


Q. How far in advance of my wedding or event should I order? 

A. We suggest you order as early as possible because we can get backed up on orders from time to time.  Seasonal variations and adverse weather conditions may affect our inventory on hand beyond our control.


Q. I received my order and some of the twig branches are broken?  

A. It is normal for some of the pieces to break or fall off in transit.  We suggest you remove all the branches, lay them out and inspect them after receiving the box.  If you have any questions, or the box and products are severely damaged, please give us a call or email.


Q.  The bark on the Natural Red branches I received are peeling?  Is this normal?

A. Yes.  This is a normal part of the tree's lifespan.  Please just remove the bark and discard.  You will find that once removed, the bark looks like the rest of the tree.


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Bird Perches


Q. Will Manzanita last in my birds' cage?  Is it a strong wood?

A. Manzanita is one of the toughest woods that nature produces.  It will take even the most destructive bird a while to tear up a Manzanita perch.


Q. Should I buy Natural Red or Sandblasted Manzanita?

A. It depends on the type of bird and your personal preference.  We do recommend Sandblasted for Ecclectus or birds that are having trouble gripping.  Sandblasted has a coarser surface texture and is blondish in color.  Please give us a call or email if you are unsure.


Q. What diameter size should I buy for my bird?

A. It depends on the type of bird you have.  We suggest that you reference the chart below or give us a call or email if you are unsure or for custom sizes.


Small diameter (less than 1.0 inch): Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, Conures

Medium diameter (1.0-1.5"): African Grey, Amazons, Ecclectus, smaller Macaws and smaller Cockatoos

Large diameter (1.5-2.25"): Cockatoos, Macaws

Extra Large diameter (Over 2.5"): Very Large Macaws


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Aquarium Wood


Q. Is your Aquarium Wood OK to put in my aquarium?

A. We do not treat our Aquarium Wood, however soaking the wood prior to using in a tank is recommended for non-buoyancy and to leach out any tannins.


Q. Why can't I buy individual Aquarium Wood pieces?

A.  We are more than happy to sell you individual pieces.  Please

Contact Us for a quote with your specific dimensions.  We are working on launching a site that has individual Aquarium Wood pieces.


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Manzanita Bases


Q. Is your wood tumbled?

A.  Yes.  Our burls is tumbled in a drum.  If you have any specific questions about the processing, please give us a call.


Q. Are your burls fumigated?

A.  We have found an approved, effective and environmentally friendly process to rid the wood of possible insects by freezing the wood for 72 hours.  If you have specific questions about the processing, please give us a call.


Q. Can I use the wood for turning or taxidermy?

A.  Yes.  Our burls are perfect for a variety of uses including turning or taxidermy uses.  If you have special requests for sizes and shapes, please Contact Us.



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Alabaster Bases


Coming Soon


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Custom Tables


Please Contact Us for all custom table inquiries.


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$5.00 service charge on all orders under $25.00. Please order by phone, fax or e-mail. Thank you!

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